Bonne Nuit 英訳

here is the english lyrics of Bonne Nuit for somebody who can't read Japanese.

Lyrics ↓

winered twilight was gone

the silence closed the world with darkness

watery firefly flashing was vanished

I closed my heart ,till I love you anymore

LA LALALA...「bonne nuit」
LA sang for me

Since the day you gone away

I stayed with sadness , melancholy

My bleeding heart still missing 「bonne nuit」

Since the day you gone away

My broken heart just stayed with tears

「Je t'aime!」please be here forever to stay with me

I ask myself as you …「Comment allez-vous?」

sad world is a hypoxic sea

the flower shouted her ephemeral soul and die down

the wind of insomnia getting across overnight

I told myself that you still remember me

LA LALALA...「Good night」
LA LALALA...i croon with fear

Where is the happiness gone?

because you were vanished

the sun fell into decay and everything changed

Where is the happiness gone?

the word breathed to darkness

I embraced the wind calling you

Where is the happiness gone?

Where is the happiness gone?

I embrace my own for every night,

soliloquized that all words you said to me

Gently to say that 「bonne nuit」

Until the day you back to here…

「bonne nuit」






Birth: 27th,September


Statʹ druzʹyami

whatever I draw,it's none of ur business.
just leave me away if u ain't like it.
don't u know what's the real meaning of art?
it's not for hypocritical ok?
i'm dare to like daring to hate even you thought that i were a lunatic.
just watch me die if you can.

Jeanne bless you.